Tuesday, 15 July 2014

introduction :)

Hi. Finally, done delete my old post. 'Why?' because i want to a new book of my life. I want to forget all about the past bcs the past is in the past right? Truthly. the past teach me so much about life. Emm ok, before we're 'terlajak jauh' , lets back to our title today. 'Introduction'. Ok, today i want to share about myself. So, read carefully ok, everybody?! Hiks

Name given is Nur Fatehah Binti Husain & I'm seventeen years old. Opss correction. *sweet seventeen* ahahhh. Most all my friends call me Teha (just cute right?) ok perasan! I was born on 1st of June 1997. I love this date cuhs ppl who is close with me will treat me like a princess on dis awesome date. A beautiful princess. 'Kah!'. My hobby is sleeping. Haha, i think its not a joke bcs i like to sleep. If the lack of sleep, i would have done anything badly & i certainly ensure 7-8 hours o more for a day Ambition? I hate this question so muchhhhhh!!! Em i dont have any ambition. Ugh, fml! But for your information, i love animals especially cat & tiger. Waaaa they're too cute u know. I have two cats, Tuah & Jebat. Em i hope i can hold a tiger even for a seconds, one day. Aminn. Sobs. Arghhh sleepy much. So done for today. Will share my story later, InsyaAllah :). Much love, Teha <3

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